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ICF Coachklub | Tünde Erdös MCC

Dátum: 2020-05-18

Időpont: 18:00

Debunking the myths and realities around coaching presence and goal-attainment

The myth: presence in coaching is about the coach. It is not just about asking some powerful questions. It is not just about embodiment exercises. 

The reality: we can find a myriad of concepts when we investigate what coaching presence involves. 

Debunking the myths and the realities: even if we agree that these realities have their good place in coaching practice, we have no scientific evidence. We show how presence affects clients’ safety, how presence shows through our movements alone, and how that affects the way clients reach goals. 

Integrative presence: is the practical result of a comprehensive research project conducted with 185 videoed coach-client pairs exploring their interactions at a non-verbal level. Why? Movement is found to be the most reliable indicator of what is going on between two individuals: the body does not lie. The study is the first knowledge-based attempt to improve our understanding of how clients navigate the accelerating uncertainties of their universe when it comes to reaching goals in coaching. 

Tünde Erdös
MSc. in Executive Coaching, ICF MCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner, PhD(c) 

For 15+ years now, I have been working as an external executive coach for middle management and executive positions. Currently, I am writing up my PhD dissertation on coaching presence. The research project was awarded a Harvard Grant with Institute of Coaching, McLean’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Associate for its innovative research design using artificial intelligence and human interactions to measure outcomes. The project was also accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Coaching is leadership. Doing scholarly work is about joining the global thinking regarding the future of best practice in leading coaching both as a business and a profession. The inspiration of doing research is to encourage coaches to base their practice harmoniously on professional wisdom and empirical evidence. I trust that research will enhance our understanding of what works for coaches, coaching clients and leadership and will thus inform our practice in the service of whoever we are called to serve.

Recently, I have been elected Director of Professional Development, Research and Ethics at ICF Chapter Austria and have become Ambassador for Global ICF Coaching Science Community of Practice to foster the applicability of science in coaching and leadership. 

Today, there are two books in line for publication: one by McGraw Hill Publishing on Non-verbal synchrony and self-regulation in goal attainment, and the other coming out as a Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook, a compilation of transformational story telling provided by research participants. It targets coaches, career development and HR. 


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Date: 18th May 2020, 18.00-20.00.

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Dátum: 2024-09-03

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A tudatos szakmai öngondoskodás útja és lehetőségei a kezdetektől Coach szakemberként egyedül vagyunk az ügyfeleinkkel, ezért pályánk elejétől fontos a szakmai öngondoskodás, hisz a személyiségünkkel dolgozunk. A workshopon rövid elméleti

Dátum: 2024-09-13

Időpont: 10:00

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Dátum: 2024-09-19

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